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09/22/2006 04:24 PM Recall Requests -Using the Library Catalog -UF Libraries
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Carefully note the pickup library where the item will be available. Use the second Period of Interest field to indicate the date by
which you need the material. (Leave the first date as today's date.) Change the to date only if you must have the item before that
date. Then click the Go button.
You will be taken to the Full Record display for the item. A note at the top of the display will indicate that your request has been
You can check the status of requests that you have already submitted by connecting to the Your Account screen and clicking on
the Hold requests link.
If you are not a UF faculty/student/staff or other registered user with borrowing privileges, you may request items when the
location reads "request retrieval" or "storage". Instead of clicking the Request button on the Holdings screen, click the Retrieval
Help button in the orange bar at the top of the screen. Choose the Alternative Form and follow the instructions.
See more details on the Request process for Retrieval and Storage items.
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Adapted from University of West Florida Libraries' Search Help
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