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Using the UF Libraries' Catalog
Requesting Items
UF faculty, students and staff and other registered library users with borrowing privileges may request any item that displays the
term Request on its Holdings screen.
The Request service is provided for items that are not located on "open" shelves or not instantly obtainable by asking library staff.
"Requestable" items include:
books that are checked out by another person
books, journals, and microfilm that are kept in an off-campus storage location
You place a Request for an item by clicking on the Location line to see the Holdings display in the UF Libraries' Catalog:
In the example above, you will notice that Patience &Fortitude is checked out. If you wanted to request it, you would click on the
Request link to the left of the item information. (This service requires that you sign-in with your 14-digit library number or UFID if
you have not already done so.) You would then be presented with the screen below:
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