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Libraries UX Group
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Libraries UX Group
Libraries UX Group
Nicole Hennig, head
To email the entire group, use:
To email the subgroup known as User Interface Group (about web site and virtual interface questions), use
this list: uig-lib@mit.edu (Due to the nature of her work, Marion Leeds Carroll is not part of the email
lists above).
1. UX Strategy
Nicole Hennig, lead
Darcy Duke
Remlee Green
Stephanie Hartman
Lisa Horowitz
Lisa Sweeney
2. User Interface Group
Send staff questions and requests for work on our our web sites to web-lib@mit.edu. (This list includes
Darcy Duke, lead
Melissa Feiden
Remlee Green
Georgiana McReynolds
Web Assistant: Marion Leeds Carroll
Web UI developer: Wendy Bossons
3. UX Public Spaces (a collaborative group that includes members from other areas)
Nicole Hennig, lead
Stephanie Hartman, UX
Lisa Sweeney, SCS
Millicent Gaskell, CSM
Keith Glavash, steering committee
Anita Perkins, SOT
Cassandra Fox, SOT
Maria Rodrigues, SOT
We work in the following areas:
(see Area Scoping Form for more details)
Assessment: user needs studies, usability testing, surveys of our users' needs, gathering and interpreting
stats on use of virtual and physical spaces
Virtual sites design and production: libraries web site, including all web, mobile and other public-facing
interfaces that we can control or customize.
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