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Position Title Reports to Comments
Associate Dean Dean We haven’t really had anyone
coordinating them in the past, but we
have recently hired a new associate dean
who has much more interest in increasing
efforts in this area.
Associate Dean Dean But I get help from many folks: we have
an Assessment Team and an Assessment
Team Leader. We have a Data Officer and
lots of volunteer public services librarians
for these projects.
Associate Dean for Assessment,
Personnel & Research
Dean We have an Assessment Team which is
led by a Reference/Outreach Librarian.
Associate Dean for Information Services Dean User experience tasks are primarily a
function of public services.
Associate Dean for Research and
Learning Services
Dean of the Marriott Library and
University Librarian
With the assistance of the Budget and
Planning Director and other Associate
Associate Dean of Library Services;
Associate Dean of Library Services and
Director of the Health Sciences Library
Dean and University Librarian Two Associate Deans share the oversight
Associate Director for Public Services Director of Libraries
Associate University Librarian for
Collections and User Services
University Librarian We have a distributed system with
respect to user experience activities.
While our AUL for Collections and User
Services has primary responsibility, other
groups also actively lead projects. I would
include both our Associate University
Librarian for Information Technology and
our Director, Academic Technology and
Instructional Services, as holding key roles
in this area.
Associate University Librarian for
Graduate & Research Services
University Librarian
Associate University Librarian for Planning
and Organizational Research
Vice President for Information Services
and University Librarian
The work is shared with the Associate
University Librarian for Research and
Instructional Services and the Digital
User Services Librarian, for which we are
currently recruiting.
The Digital User Services Librarian reports
to the Associate University Librarian for
Research and Instructional Services.
Associate University Librarian for Services University Librarian
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