SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  81
Name of group Composition Role(s) Outcome(s)
Graduate School and SGA
Town Hall Meeting
Graduate school faculty and
Communicate student
concerns to be addressed by
the Dean.
Problems are identified and
followed up by the Dean.
Graduate Student Association
Library Advisory Board
Appointed members of the
Advisory Provide general feedback;
request new services and
enhancements; sounding
board for planned initiatives.
Graduate Student Libraries
Advisory Council
Elected representative
graduate students in various
Meets periodically with the
Dean of Libraries to discuss
matters involving graduate
students’ experiences in the
Health Professions Student
Students from the Medical
Represents medical students’
Longer hours; new seating;
safer parking options;
additional security in evenings.
LibQUAL+® Steering
Committee and LibQUAL+®
Theme Teams
Librarians and library staff
Advise on survey
management, marketing,
publicity, implementation,
analysis, and communications.
Effective survey
implementation, outreach,
shared knowledge, advocacy
for improving services.
Libraries and Academic
Resources Committee, New
Brunswick Faculty council
Combination of teaching and
library faculty
Considers library priorities,
collection growth, and needs.
Information sharing and
Library Advisory Council Business, community and
campus leaders
Advisory and advocacy Increased visibility with those
communities and a greater
success in fundraising.
Library and Scholarly
Communications and Advisory
Representative from all
colleges on campus
Advise library on issues,
assess library programs, and
services that affect students,
recommend actions that could
improve library collections and
Input caused library
administration to reconsider
policy of public access to our
library auxiliary storage area.
Open Access Advisory Council Administrators, research
faculty, librarians, and library
Advise the Dean of Libraries
and her designates on
implementation of Open
Ensuring the growth in
dissemination of KU research
through open access. Ensuring
that the institutional repository
meets the needs of faculty.
Student focus groups Students recommended by
VSG and GSC members
Advise on need for renovation,
and library needs in general.
Studies to determine costs for
longer hours for main library,
agreements to continue these
types of meetings.
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