SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  · 15
awareness of the need to assess libraries from the user
perspective with new positions and even departments
created to accomplish this goal.
It is clear that creating the structure to measure
and change the user experience takes time and effort.
As one respondent noted, “You can’t just suddenly tell
staff ‘Ok, today we have a new user experience’ and
expect everyone to jump on the bandwagon. I hope
in your study you will communicate that making this
transition to a UX culture takes time and staff have
to be ready to move forward because they believe in
it, not because an administrator says we need a new
UX or because we created a UX librarian position.”
Overall, respondents feel that efforts made in as-
sessing the user experience are well spent. They ar-
ticulated numerous projects that resulted in major
program updates and facility revisions and that were
well received by library administration, governing/
funding boards, and most importantly, by library
These trends are significant because it suggests
that user experience activities have been adopted by
almost all respondents, and furthermore, that these
activities and projects are long term in nature. Thus,
the trends point to a present and future with UX ac-
tivities more central to the operations of ARL libraries.
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