70  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
Name of group Composition Role(s) Outcome(s)
College library committees Includes the branch library
head and faculty members in
To advise the branch head
of changes in curriculum,
research, etc and desired
changes in service.
Ongoing relationship with
branch library, responsive
library service.
Faculty Library Advisory
Associate Vice Provost and
faculty with Library Dean
Communicate faculty concerns
and Dean’s. Dean can discuss
trends and issues relevant to
university library.
Dean has a platform for
speaking to faculty.
Faculty Senate Committee on
Faculty members elected to
serve two-year appointments
Advise and support. Regular meetings, gathering
input and support.
Faculty Senate Library and
Information Resources
Faculty appointed to the
committee by the Faculty
Advise the library, provide
feedback on planned
activities, and communicate
library activities to the Faculty
Advise the library and
communicate endorsement
of planned activities to the
Faculty Senate.
Faculty Senate Library
Faculty Advises University Librarian.
Faculty Senate Library
Dean of Libraries, library
representative, and faculty
from across campus
Faculty Senate Library
Faculty members and library
Serve as a channel for regular
communication between the
faculty and library.
Keep faculty up to date on
library issues and challenges;
gain support from faculty for
library initiatives; improve
services based on faculty
First Year Advisory Board 10 first-year students with
diverse demographics,
dormitories, and intended
Offer ideas and opinions
on projects or changes the
library is considering. Suggest
changes based on their
Helping library to reframe first
year orientation. Working
with library on planning
and presenting a movie
on the quad. Participating
in renovation planning for
library most used by first year
students. Added additional
whiteboards based on their
General Faculty Council
Library and Cultural Resources
Faculty, graduate student, and
student representation named
by the university’s General
Faculties Council
To advise Libraries and
Cultural Resources on needs of
academic users.
Graduate and Professional
Student Assembly
Penn graduate and
professional students
To represent the concerns and
advocate on the behalf of all
graduate students at Penn.
Changes to new OPAC design,
creation of strategic emphases
and initiatives.
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