SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  61
Some students contacted the library re. class assignments where they had to assess a process on campus. Some
students chose to work on library space planning and reported their findings to the library administration.
The library-wide LibQUAL+® survey did not suffice as an indicator of service quality for the smaller, specialized
collections, such as University Archives and Rare Books and Special Collections. This new survey reached the intended
audience more effectively.
Usage data.
Use statics for electronic resources and the online catalog (The CAT).
Use stats analysis of log files & using Google Analytics. Informal “budget” usability testing methods. Heuristic
evaluation. Staff feedback discussion.
We also interviewed participants after they had completed the usability study.
We have ongoing involvement of students in assessment of the website through a class assignment from an Information
and Computer Sciences professor.
We worked with a class to redesign and renovate a branch library in the business school. The class used the library as a
case study and we implemented selected recommendations from all of the case studies submitted.
23. Did/will your library send a direct invitation to potential participants or have an open recruitment
of library users to participate in this activity or use both methods to recruit participants? N=51
Open recruitment 16 31%
Direct invitation 14 28%
Both 21 41%
24. What tools or outlets did/will your library use to recruit library users to participate in this activity?
Check all that apply. N=51
E-mail 32 63%
Library web page 29 57%
User contact from subject specialist/faculty liaisons/bibliographers 22 43%
Posters and/or flyers 18 35%
In-house media (library newsletters, for example) 17 33%
Giveaways (bookmarks, pens, pencils, etc.) 12 24%
Social media 12 24%
Cover letter attached to survey 6 12%
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