SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  63
25. Did/will your library offer any type of incentive to encourage users to participate in the activity?
Yes 34 67%
No 17 33%
If yes, please indicate the type of incentive. Check all that apply. N=34
Food, drink, and/or candy 19 56%
Gift cards 17 50%
Cash payment 3 10%
Other prize or incentive 4 13%
Please specify other prize or incentive.
Each test taken allowed users an additional entry for a chance to win an iPad or an iTouch.
Food service for 1/2-hour sessions.
iPod Touch 8GB (quantity 5).
Lunch is provided at the advisory board meetings.
Sharing the Assessment Results
26. Did/will the library share the results of the assessment with others (funding/governing boards,
users, etc.)? N=50
Yes 45 90%
No 5 10%
If yes, please briefly describe to whom the results are communicated, the method(s) used, and
whether the communication method varies by audience. N=43
A brief overview of the results was presented at the 2010 Special Libraries Association Conference and a paper
published in that conference’s proceedings. Presented methodology and findings to Libraries and Cultural Resources
Senior Leadership Team.
A final report was written summarizing the results of the interviews. The report was shared widely within the library
and with the Cultural Anthropology department. Presentations have also been made at a local conference, the ARL
assessment conference, and a poster was presented at another national conference.
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