SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  45
On-the-spot questions to students in the user spaces.
Partnered with administrators in other units of the university.
Recruited users in the building.
The Library Executive contacted faculty members and team members contacted students.
Those who volunteered after filling out our annual user satisfaction survey.
Used students to recruit participants.
User contact from campus academic advising unit.
Visitor interception at strategic locations throughout the library.
We surveyed every person who left the library during pre-defined times. We recorded every reference question asked.
14. Did/will your library offer any type of incentive to encourage users to participate in the activity?
Yes 50 73%
No 18 27%
If yes, please indicate the type of incentive. Check all that apply. N=51
Food, drink, and/or candy 31 61%
Gift cards 26 51%
Cash payment 3 6%
Other prize or incentive 11 22%
Please specify other prize of incentive.
Apparel from the university bookstore.
Bookmark or a DVD with interactive games.
Donation to the local food bank for every survey received.
Drawing for a gift card to a local business.
MacBooks and iPods one each for the undergraduate and graduate student categories.
Pizza works with students!
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