SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  73
Name of group Composition Role(s) Outcome(s)
Student Library Advisory Board
Ten or more graduate and
undergraduate students
that broadly represent the
academic programs and
overall diversity of the UNC
student body
Provide feedback and advice
on library services and
resources in support of both
grad and undergrad student
study and research needs.
Student Library Committee Student representatives
from the three major
campus student government
Advisory and advocacy Advise on services and
Student Representative
Vice-President Students and
Student Representative of
the York University Board
of Governors co-chair, and
they appoint the membership
which consists of the Chair
of Senate, students, student
support providers and reps
from student government.
The SRR provides advice,
guidance, and information that
will assist in the development
of policies, procedures, and
action plans that promote the
engagement of students in
the academic and social life
of York.
They have provided feedback
on 24-hour library service; we
have raised awareness of our
services and obtained a great
volunteer for our LSAG.
Survey Research Centre See: http://www.src.
Help design surveys and
provide advice on activities
such as usability protocol.
Better designed surveys, etc.
The Howard Undergraduate
Student Association (HUSA)
Undergraduate students—all
levels and disciplines
Comment on library facilities,
resources, equipment, and
services and suggest changes
to the same.
Implementation of several
suggestions and the highest
consideration of all others.
Undergraduate Student
UIC undergraduate students Represents undergraduate
students’ interests.
Longer library hours; more
computers; improved
computer software; Learning
Commons planning.
University Committee on
Elected faculty from the
various colleges; graduate
student representative;
undergraduate student
The University Committee on
Libraries reviews policies and
practices relating to library
resources and services and
provides oversight of the
development of the libraries.
The UCL serves as one of
the primary interfaces and
communications links between
the Libraries and other campus
units responsible for providing
information resources and
services and the university
community at-large.
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