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YULibrary News Fall 2010
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Library Student Advisory Group: Student Engagement At Work
For so many students, the Libraries are their “home away from
home”. Take a casual walk through the various library spaces at
York, and you’ll see students camped out in every corner.
Libraries are essential to students’ academic experience; they are
the site of much of a student’s reading, writing, researching,
thinking, creating and studying. It’s important, then, that students
be engaged as much as possible in the planning and
development of their libraries.
This year marks the second year of the Library Student
Advisory Group (LSAG). This group was created to provide a
forum for dialogue with students about library issues including
services, policies, resources and physical and virtual spaces. This
year 23 students are serving on the committee, representing a
broad cross-section of undergraduate and graduate students from
different faculties and disciplines.
Last year the Library Student Advisors were engaged in
discussions about issues such as renovations in the Scott Library
(the Learning Commons), noise and food policy, and the design
of the new catalogue search interface.
This year, LSAG has expanded its role from its original advisory
function to encompass project work as well. The students chose
two projects, one in each term. The fall project consisted of the
Scott Learning Commons Open House which was held on
October 20th. LSAG helped plan, promote and host the event.
LSAG members were also involved in a Learning Commons
Speakers’ Corner which interviewed students about their
reactions to the newly renovated space.
In the winter term, the primary LSAG project will be to plan and organize an Undergraduate Conference to be held in the Scott Library in
March. This small conference will provide an opportunity for students to present their research and ideas to the larger community. (Watch
for more information about the conference on the Libraries’ web site.)
For more information on the Library Student Advisory Group, contact Mark Robertson, Associate University Librarian, Information Services.
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