SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  75
Name of group Composition Role(s) Outcome(s)
University Senate Library
Committee is composed of
a committee chair from the
University faculty, 5–6 faculty
members and the Dean of
The committee is charged
with the responsibility
for recommending to the
University Senate policies
to promote the educational
interests of the university
as a whole with respect
to the Libraries. The SLC is
responsible for consultation
and advising with faculty of
the Libraries or the Dean of
Libraries, on such matters as
are referred to it by the by
the Libraries faculty, by the
Dean, or by other university
personnel, which pertain to
improving the effectiveness of
the Libraries as a part of the
broad academic program of
the University of Kentucky.
In the past, the committee
has worked with the Libraries
in sponsoring and promoting
effectiveness efforts and
other issues of importance to
the research and educational
University Student Advisory
Student representatives from
each college on campus
Contribute to the central role
of the academic experience in
the life of the student; consult
and advise.
Impetus for Library Use study.
University Students’ Council Executive Advisory, stakeholders and
advocates of appropriate
Offering 24/7 library for study
during April and December
UO Student Federation Student Representation of students We introduced group room,
calm floor instead of quiet
floor, etc.
Vanderbilt Student
President and representatives Advise on needs for library
More group studies and
café and increased power
outlets integrated into final
plan; students voted special
recognition for library and
staff by student government.
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