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University of Michigan
User Experience (UX) Specialist
User Experience (UX) Specialist
The University of Michigan Library is seeking a talented user experience professional to join our
newly formed User Experience (UX) Department. We are looking for someone with a passion for
user research, the ability to create engaging designs, and an investment in improving the library
users' web experience. This position will be a full-time, three-year term appointment with the
possibility of renewal.
The User Experience Department is part of the Library Information Technology Division (LIT) at
the University of Michigan, University Library. LIT is the library's key organization for the
creation, deployment and support of the library's primary web interfaces (Library Website, Mirlyn
Library Catalog, Digital Library Collections, and HathiTrust Digital Library).
The UX department will focus on interface design, mobile design and development, usability
testing, user research, web use statistics, and accessibility. The UX Specialist works in a
collaborative team environment - working closely with the UX Department Manager and UX
Mobile Developer as well as LIT and library-wide project stakeholders. The UX Specialist will
help drive interface development through an iterative usability and design process. Candidates
who have experience in only interface design or usability will also be considered.
*Demonstration of work samples via an electronic portfolio is a plus.
User Research 40%
Conducts ongoing discovery of user needs, both prior to and following interface
deployment by analyzing user and institutional needs.
Designs and conducts user research/usability evaluations using a variety of techniques
(e.g. formal/informal user testing, online surveys, card sorting, interviews, personas &
scenarios, use cases, focus groups, ethnographic research techniques).
Conducts regular web use statistics and email feedback analysis to identify opportunities
for improvement.
Conducts web accessibility audits.
Interface Design 40%
Develops wireframes, mock ups, and prototypes to define user interface functionality,
navigation, information architecture, interaction, and overall design to help drive user
interface development from concept to implementation. Creates HTML prototypes which
approximate a functional interface for the purposes of evaluation and communication
with the developers.
Conducts ongoing research into the development of new interface capabilities,
enhancements, and user-centered design trends.
Creates complete interface designs and web graphics.
Project Management & Communication 20%
Helps to establish project priorities and discuss design goals with LIT managers, project
stakeholders, developers, and library staff.
Performs occasional project management duties including establishment of timelines,
coordination of staff, scheduling, and reporting.
Participates, as needed, on library committees. May provide advice or assistance to other
units within the University Library on user research or interface issues.
Oversees project documentation.
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