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Rice University
Establishing fondren@brc
students) come from other countries and may not be familiar with library resources
or how to find what they need. Workshops would be especially useful for first-year
graduate students who may not be familiar with doing serious library research. Faculty
seemed supportive of new graduate students attending workshops focused on their
research areas, and graduate students seemed interested in such workshops as
well. Short workshops that teach researchers how to do their work more quickly and
efficiently might also be popular. In addition, researchers need specialized training in
working with Web Of Science, medical databases, tech transfer, patents, business, and
environmental science.
8. Survey BRC tenant groups about what they need, particularly when it comes to journals
and other information resources.
9. Raise awareness of library services by sending a BRC specific email.
Facilities and Collections
10. Space that can be used for meetings. Already at least one small conference session
has been held in the current Fondren space.
11. Access to high-end printing, particularly poster printing. Typically each lab will
produce about 10 posters per year, according to one interviewee.
12. Access to high-end computer workstations, particularly with expensive software
such as SAS, MatLab, Adobe products, Mathematica, etc. Large displays would also be
helpful. Graduate students particularly identified this as a need.
13. A small collection of new books. One researcher commented that it was difficult to
know “if there's anything new at the library,” but that a display of these books would be
useful. Alternatively, perhaps the subject specialist could compile a quarterly update of
new books relevant to a discipline and circulate that via email.
14. A comfortable, flexible space for collaborative student projects.
15. Video conferencing for meetings with other research groups. (It appears that some
video conferencing facilities are already in the BRC.)
16. A small journal browsing collection. Each research group could provide a list of 5-10
core publications that they would like to see in the building.
17. A touchscreen display showing you what is available in the library.
In addition to the researchers’ suggestions, we recommend that:
1. The library embrace the visual culture of the BRC and promote library services and
resources through posters facing the hallway, colorful drawings on the glass walls, flyers
in the elevators, and other marketing approaches.
2. Fondren sponsor outreach sessions. The hallway outside the library space in the BRC
is large enough to accommodate several tables as well as groups of people, so food
could be served there.
3. Librarians create a BRC Libguide that reflects the interdisciplinary research needs of
the building and provides links to resources in biology, chemistry, bioengineering, and
4. More marketing and training can be done for Scopus, which is generally a better citation
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