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User Interface Group. Criteria for prioritizing our work
Criteria: User Interface Group: MIT Libraries
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Criteria for prioritizing our work
This list is used for prioritizing the normal, everyday requests and ideas that
come our way. It's not for the big projects (i.e. Project SimpLR) that cost
extra money and staff time, but just for the everyday work.
User impact
solves a problem
affects a large number of users
things that show we're on the cutting edge
things that are fun (for us and for users)
things that have been requested by multiple users (not just one)
Sub-categories of user impact:
- improves known item searching
- improves topical discovery
- improves connections with other systems and tools
- help with evaluating best sources of info
- helps users save time
- helps with personal information management (saving, sorting, sharing,
citing what they found)
doesn't take a huge amount of staff time to implement
things that are easy and we know how to do or could easily find out how
to do
things that we could delegate to students or interns or temp help
things that don't cost extra money to implement
improves staff workflow and saves time
solves more than one problem with one solution
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