SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  41
Undergraduate students.
Undergraduate students.
Undergraduate students, graduate students.
Undergraduate students taking English 102 courses (a required General Education class).
Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty.
Undergraduate students, primarily lower-division.
Undergraduate, graduate, and faculty.
Undergraduates, graduate students, faculty.
Undergraduates, graduates, and faculty.
Usability was conducted with students, primarily. The feedback survey was open to all.
Users of the Learning Commons.
We’ve done both. Some efforts have been open to the entire community; other projects have targeted a particular
group, such as graduate students, or ENGL 101 class instructors, etc.
10. What is the source of funding for this activity? Check all that apply. N=70
Library operating budget 61 87%
Special one-time funds 10 14%
Grant 3 4%
Other 13 19%
Please describe other source of funding.
Campus funded as part of a campus strategic planning taskforce.
Campus Operations (facilities) supplemented library gift funds to implement the improvements.
Collections use collections budget.
Foundation funds for survey incentives (donuts).
Gift money.
Kresge Challenge Grant.
MINES® was paid for by the Controller’s Office.
Most of the monies are being raised from private donors.
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