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Libraries UX Group
Libraries UX Group - Libraries User Experience Group - MIT Wiki Service
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Public spaces: Leading, planning, and assessing design choices for improvements to services in our public
spaces, by collaborating with staff at various levels, depending on the scope of the improvement.
Marketing & communication: Work together with Marketing & Communications area to set the direction for
system-wide marketing and communication.
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Agenda ideas - UX group
Agenda ideas - UX group
Announcements from UX
Apps4Academic planning
Book covers for displays
Brainstorm - getting to the next step with userneeds results
Brainstorm - how to communicate user needs results
CLIR workshop on faculty research behavior
Creative Thinking techniques
Design thinking resources
Desired Future State
Device loans to public (Kindle, iPad, etc)
Device loans to staff (iPad, Kindle, Nook)
Ebook usability
Emerging tech hardware list
Emerging tech subgroup
Ethnographic research - how to
Lotus blossom diagram
Meeting task lists
MIT Libraries new group names
Morale event ideas
Organizations and lists
Public spaces UX group
Scope documents
Task list - Lisa H
Task list - Lisa S
Task list - Stephanie
User Needs 2006
User needs studies - past
User needs study ideas
User needs study planning - Spring 2011
UX emergency contact list
UX FY11 Goals
UX kickoff meeting
UX Office Space
UX Strategy group meeting notes
UX summit - June 16, 2011
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