SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  27
Position Title Reports to Comments
Assessment Coordinator; and Instruction
& Outreach Librarian
Assessment Coordinator reports to the
Executive Associate Director and the
Instruction & Outreach Librarian reports
to the Head of Instruction Services.
Assessment & Planning Librarian AUL for Collections and Services The Assessment & Planning Librarian
has primary responsibilities, but several
other staff from various departments are
routinely involved in these efforts. The
Assessment & Planning Librarian reports
to the AUL for C&S.
Assessment Coordinator Associate Dean for Organizational
Actually, the Assessment Coordinator
has primary responsibility for user
feedback and then distributes that to the
appropriate staff to figure out how to
address user needs and experience. Other
areas, such as Access Services, Subject
Librarians, and departmental libraries,
have responsibility for user experience
and report to other AD’s.
Assessment Director Head of Access Services and Assessment Although the Assessment Director
coordinates library assessment activities,
many departments and staff have
responsibility for conducting assessments
and user experience activities.
Assessment Librarian University Librarian
Assessment Librarian Associate University Librarian
Assessment Librarian, and
Communications Librarian
Both report directly to the Dean of
These two librarians work together to
implement user experience activity.
Assistant Dean (Client Services) Associate Dean This is a new position, established in
October 2010, to which all the branch
and unit heads report.
Assistant Dean for User Services Dean of Libraries We also have a newly formed assessment
council made up of library staff and until
recently we had an officer for assessment
(.5 FTE). The Assistant Dean for
Collections and Scholar Services and the
Head of Spencer Research Library are also
involved in assessment activities within
their respective areas.
Assistant University Librarian, Outreach
and Academic Services
University Librarian
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