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Heatmaps of Key Library Pages: Spring 2011
Heatmaps of Key Library Pages: Spring 2011
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Library Homepage: March 21–25
Sample of 40,000 clicks made during the week of March 21, 2011
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Interlibrary Loan page: March 28–30
Sample of 500 clicks during week of March 28, 2011
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Special Collections Homepage: April 4–8
Sample of 800 clicks during week of April 4, 2011
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Data & GIS Homepage: April 11–15
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Heatmaps of Key Library Pages: Spring 2011
What is this? This page presents heatmaps showing usage trends on several library web pages during spring 2011.
What is a heatmap? Heatmaps are a graphical representation of where patrons clicked when visiting a web page. Cool colors mean fewer clicks, and warm colors
mean more clicks.
How did we make heatmaps? We followed steps outlined in the blog post "The definitive heatmap" to create our heatmaps. This method uses javascript, Ruby and
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