SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  35
User Experience Activity 1
7. What broad aspect of the user’s library experience was the activity trying to assess and/or design?
Check all that apply. N=70
Library facilities (space configuration, navigation) 45 64%
Library services (ILL, reference, instruction, etc.) 37 53%
Library technology (website usability, navigation) 36 51%
Library resources (search and discovery, collections, formats) 35 50%
Other aspect 4 6%
Please describe other aspect.
ClimateQUAL® to assess staff perceptions of their working environment.
Desired outside services (writing center, tutoring, etc.)
Intersection of library services, resources, and facilities with those of archives, museum, and press.
The totality of the library service and physical environment.
8. Please briefly describe the scope of the activity. N=64
A campus-wide investigation of faculty, staff, and student perspectives on the highest priorities for library services and
resources, and the importance of various services and resources.
A completely renovated main floor, including information and circulation service points, offices for staff, reference
collection, many public seating and work spaces, and a cafe.
A Faculty Library Survey was administered in October 2010. Thirty-two percent of faculty completed the web-based
anonymous survey which asked faculty about their use of, and satisfaction with, library resources, services, and facilities.
A paper survey was administered to all users of the Learning Commons during a 24-hour period.
A service quality survey was administered and 3000 faculty and students responded.
A study of undergraduate library use including, but not limited to, input on the redesign of our periodicals room.
A user survey (via SurveyMonkey) was sent to 16,000 library patrons in fall 2010 to measure library performance and
user satisfaction with an emphasis on facilities, services, and technological resources.
A work group was formed to investigate developing a Research Commons in the library. Focus groups and a survey
were conducted.
At this point we are not talking about UX in the context of a particular service or technology, although we have in the
past done usability studies of the OPAC and website. We are more focused on discussing UX in a holistic way. What is
the experience we have now and what could it be?
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