58  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
We performed 15 (1/2 hour) card-sorting sessions with a mix of graduate students and undergrads to inform the
language used on the primary tabs of our library home page, and the structure of those tabs. Participants rearranged,
ranked, and renamed the tabs to help us to understand what makes the most sense to them.
We recently finished a semester long project to conduct a series of evaluations on our library catalog. Each phase had
a different goal: have an open discussion with library staff to discuss what is working and what isn’t; to do an overall
assessment (heuristic evaluation) to find problem areas; to gauge satisfaction with searching overall vs. known item
searches vs. subject searches; to fine-tune labels used to describe items that have full text available; to test proposed
functionality changes.
We recently held a week-long thesis camp for senior honors students in collaboration with the Writing Center and the
Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement. The program fit in very well with one of the major goals of the College
of Arts & Letters to “increase the intensity and sophistication of our undergraduate education” and is a good example
of reaching out to users based on their activities and needs.
We used a short in-person survey with students to gather feedback on tabletop signage that promoted our reference
We worked with a class to redesign and renovate a branch library in the business school. The class used the library as a
case study and we implemented selected recommendations from all of the case studies submitted.
Website redesign.
Website redesign and development of LibGuides.
Whole redesign of new service. Bringing together Data Resources Library, Serge A. Sauer Map Library, and Government
Publications service into one service.
20. Is the target of the activity any typical library user or a specific category of user (e.g., faculty,
graduate students, etc.)? N=51
Any user 23 45%
A specific category of user 28 55%
If you answered “A specific category of user,” please identify the category.
Faculty and graduate student users.
Faculty and graduate students in the cultural anthropology department.
Faculty and graduate students in the humanities.
Faculty, graduate students, and staff in particular departments.
Four types of users: graduates, undergraduates, librarians, and faculty.
Graduate students.
Graduate, undergraduate, faculty.
Pediatric residents.
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