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Improving the User Experience
Improving the User Experience
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Duke Libraries About Us Strategic Plan 2010 - 2012
Improving the User Experience
Understand library users' research and library experiences and use that information to shape collections, spaces, and services.
Activities Goals
Frame a systematic process for collecting and sharing information about the ways library
users work.
Identify a core team of Libraries staff to guide assessment activities and to design instruments to capture how
diverse communities use resources, services, space, the library website and library programs.
Create a central archive for user data.
Use a better understanding of user communities to create extensive and deep collaboration
with users at earlier stages of their research and teaching.
Participate in LibQual+ Lite
Create a mechanism for exploring discovery interfaces and other user-centered tools.
Institutionalize innovation by employing results from user assessments to improve procedures
and services quickly.
Experiment with more user-driven collection strategies.
Develop project management expertise in order to implement projects that respond to user needs and that
support emerging research methodologies and data needs.
Review and pilot an article recommender service to provide information to users regarding the behavior of others
who have performed similar searches.
Present library programs and services in ways that help users understand the connections to
their needs.
Have a well defined and well understood service model that describes the similarities and differences across
Market library services, resources and spaces in ways that match users' communication channels and work
Strategic Plan 2010-
Strategic Directions
Improve the User Experience
Provide Digital Content, Tools
& Services
Develop New Research &
Teaching Partnerships
Support University Priorities
Enhance Library Spaces
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