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Name of group Composition Role(s) Outcome(s)
University Council on Research
Activities and Libraries
Faculty, Deans, Administrators,
including the University
Advise the President and
Better communication among
key groups on campus.
University Librarian’s Student
Advisory Committee
Undergraduate and graduate
students from all academic
Advisory to University
Librarian; communication with
broader student body.
University Library Committee University faculty and
Advisory to Dean of Libraries
University Library Committee Representative with strong
representation of faculty
Provide advice to the Dean of
Input into decision-making
University Library Committee 7–10 faculty appointed by the
University Senate for two-year
Review strategic directions,
endorse major policy changes,
discuss new services, and
provide general advice to the
Dean of Libraries.
Library gains an important
perspective from faculty who
represent different disciplines.
Committee members are able
to explain library issues to their
University Library Committee Dean of Libraries (as
Secretary), 9 elected
faculty representatives from
various colleges (one as
Chair), graduate student
representative, undergraduate
student representative,
Director of Financial Affairs
(Student Services)
The University Library
Committee (ULC) reviews,
consults, and advises on,
plans for, and receives reports
and recommendations on
the performance of library
services, automation, budget,
administrative structure,
and allocation of resources.
Responsibility for keeping
the faculty informed of
major issues and for creating
opportunities for the faculty to
discuss priorities also falls to
the committee.
University Senate Library
Faculty, library staff, graduate
students, undergraduate
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