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Design Changes
27. Please briefly describe any design changes that have been/will be made based on this user
experience activity. N=47
A mobile site was designed to work on the devices that we discovered were used most frequently from doing the poll.
Adjustments were made to the Business Library’s physical space, including replacing tables with modular furniture
that could accommodate a variety of group sizes. Developed an improved delineation between quiet and collaborative
spaces. Adjusted the Business Library website to make it more interactive, incorporate social media, and to increase
awareness of services offered.
An area that had been planned for staff offices was reclaimed for student study with public services and technology
staff on the perimeter of the study space. Group study rooms were added.
An Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities has been established with seed funding for two years. The home
for the institute is within the KU Libraries’ Center for Digital Scholarship. The co-directors are a librarian and a faculty
member from the humanities.
Better way finding. Cleaner restrooms. Customer service training. Best Practices for Services.
Changed the signage, improved access procedures, reduced noise, reviewed policies (e.g., copying), followed up with
further analysis of user groups.
Changes have been made in training our Peer Mentors to best meet the needs of the undergraduates. Understanding
user needs has helped inform the work of the librarians. Changes have been made to the library website and to what is
emphasized in library instruction classes. The survey results have also informed and supported facilities improvements
such as varied study spaces (including support to create a 24/7 space in the library), spaces for laptops, and more
electric to support laptops.
Complete redesign of library home page, investment in new integrative search tools (e.g., Ebsco’s Discovery Services),
changes to library catalogs, and new signage throughout buildings.
Complete redesign. So far have merged Data and Map resources and services to one location with the aim of better
coordinated service delivery. Further implementation pending funding announcements.
Complete website redesign.
Continual improvement of library website and LibGuides to improve usefulness and usability.
Don’t know yet.
Graffiti was removed in areas of the library that staff do not normally use (student study carrels).
Integration of the product into different learning technology systems in use on campus; adjustments in content,
features, and design of the site. For the future: adding support for distance education classes, addressing specialized
needs of science and technology majors, integrating faculty-suggested content customization, and providing more entry
points into the system.
Library space layouts will change. Some spaces (e.g., collaborative study) will be enhanced with technology. More
electrical outlets have been added to all the libraries.
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