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a library-wide standing assessment committee that will coordinate assessment needs throughout the libraries. Our
subject librarians have held periodic focus groups on issues such as moving materials to storage. The Center for Digital
Scholarship librarians and staff have established advisory boards for various services.
Staff in the Learning Commons, in particular, help with surveys. For project-based assessment, like usability testing of
the library’s web tools, interested staff may participate.
Task forces involved in initiatives have conducted their own assessment, e.g., VuFind user groups. Standing committees
such as the Information Literacy Committee are involved in assessment of their activities.
Technology and public services staff conduct usability testing. The Dean conducts focus groups. An ad hoc group led the
LibQUAL+® survey efforts.
The Coordinator of Training and Assessment will, eventually, be the person primarily responsible for overseeing all
assessment activities and for reporting results to stakeholders. Assessment Steering Committee—comprised of
individuals throughout the organization and tasked with providing guidance to assessment activities and conducting
library-wide assessment as needed User Spaces Task Force—tasked with looking at how library patrons interact
with our facilities and making recommendations for improvement. Web Services Coordinator conducts web usability
studies and involved representatives from other departments as there is an interest. Strategic Plan Oversight and
Implementation Committee indirectly involved in that the Assessment Steering Committee and the User Spaces Task
Force report back to this group and SPOIC actually makes recommendations to the dean. Lindsey+Asp is a relatively
new partnership but this is a student run public relations agency on-campus that we hope will conduct focus groups
with students.
The university’s office of institutional research provides support and expertise in assessment activities.
The Virtual Library Group (a standing committee of sorts) has primary responsibility for user experience assessment for
virtual spaces and products.
We have a standing usability committee comprised of 5 to 6 librarians who are called up to do usability testing of library
websites, software, etc.
We have recently formed a Learning & Assessment Team that is focusing primarily on assessment of our information
literacy program.
We use project teams to develop and implement new services and products. These teams are usually responsible for
assessing the effectiveness and satisfaction of users as well. We do not have a position designated as user experience
librarian. We do have a recently implemented website product management group that has responsibility for usability
and assessing effectiveness of the library’s website. We have used an outside consultant in the past for usability studies
but now rely on trained staff.
Web Librarian: implementation of interface improvements, web usability. Digital Technologies Librarian: implementation
of design improvement. Assessment Working Group: plans and implements system-wide assessment projects like
LibQUAL+®. Others: as appropriate by project.
User Experience Activities
Please select up to two user experience activities the library has recently undertaken that had the
biggest impact or were most innovative and answer the following questions about those activities.
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