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Institutional Research Planning.
This is highly distributed. For example, we have a Web Development committee whose members conduct usability
testing and then implement changes to the website. We have an ad hoc group working with the Assessment Team to
analyze our LibQUAL+® data and recommend changes. We have hired outside consultants three times over the last
several years to assess particular parts of the organization.
Anthropology professor collaborated with us on ethnographic studies. Process Improvement Specialist works
closely with anyone in the library doing assessment.
As needed, the Assessment Librarian draws in other experts to advise/assist with assessment projects.
Associate Vice-Provosts working collaboratively and with senior leadership team.
Consulting with staff at the university’s Institute for Assessment and Compliance.
Decision support analyst performs a variety of assessments that library administration deems appropriate, and also
assists other library groups, committees, or individuals in planning or implementing assessments related to their areas of
George Washington University Program Board, University Student Association, Graduate Student Advisory Board, and
Faculty Senate Committee on Libraries have various influences upon library services, library space utilization, operating
budget, department funds.
Our Executive Council and the other Associate Deans of the Marriott Library (Special Collections, Information
Technology Services, Research and Learning Services, and Scholarly Resources and Collections).
Research Librarian for Emerging Technologies and Service Innovation focuses on investigating and implementing new
technology initiatives to enhance user experience.
The library has hired a graduate student to specifically focus on assessment activities.
We have an Assessment Interest Group focused on learning more about library assessment and creating a culture of
assessment in the libraries. The group helps to inform our assessment program and activities.
Additional Comments
Participation in these activities is dispersed throughout the organization. The Libraries Assessment and Metrics Team is
a standing committee that serves as a resource for design/development and assessment activities.
Our Head of Digital Experience Services leads website and discovery related user experience activities. Led by the Head
of Digital Experience Services, we have a Web Interfaces Group (WIG) that includes an implementation team. The
implementation team is co-led by two user services librarians. Our overall assessment strategy is coordinated by the
Head, Assessment and Planning.
Our Reference, Instruction, and Circulation departments are active in assessing user services and we have just formed
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