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Ethnographic study Digital Scholarship at MIT
Ethnographic study - Digital Scholarship at MIT - Libraries User Experience Group - MIT Wiki Service
https://wikis.mit.edu/confluence/display/LIBUX/Ethnographic+study+-+Digital+Scholarship+at+MIT[5/31/11 12:56:14 PM]
- Each interview will be conducted by a team of two MIT libraries staff. One to conduct the interview and the
other to take notes. The UX group will train the library staff participants in ethnographic interviewing techniques.
The notes will be consolidated and a few UX team members will apply card-sorting methods to organizing the
results. We'll produce a report and a presentation for MIT Libraries staff. Results will be posted on the UX wiki
where all library staff can access them.
The personal identities of MIT community members will not be revealed except to those conducting the interviews.
The raw materials (notes and photos) will be stored on a protected wiki space, available only to relevant staff. As
we've done in the past, we'll get the study approved by COUHES: http://web.mit.edu/committees/couhes/ , and
the MIT Libraries staff participating in the study will complete the human subjects training
(http://web.mit.edu/committees/couhes/humansubjects.shtml ).
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