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University of Guelph
User Experience Librarian
Studies and researches trends in user behaviours, expectations, and needs and
develops an iterative process to continually learn about University of Guelph
users, respond to changing behaviours and needs, and evolve our services.
Plans, coordinates and conducts usability testing, working closely with the D&A
Design Team and the other strategic teams, to ensure our web-based resources
services and user interfaces are usable and enhance the user experience.
Based on findings of evaluations, assessments and usability testing recommends
improvements and service modifications to other D&A work teams and other
Library teams that will increase user productivity and success.
Monitors and evaluates of emerging services and technologies that enhance the
user experience and recommends or initiates the exploration into local
Program Development and Delivery 35%
Participates in user service design and promotes and advocates for the
implementation of user experience design principles that not only ensure usability
but go beyond that to also determine whether a user service provides useful,
desirable, findable, accessible, credible, and valuable user experiences. Works
to develop a common goal or vision for user experience in any given project or
service development. Considers the impact of services on users and examines
the total user experience from need identification through fulfilment.
Participates in the development and design of content management strategies
and actively provides advice to and communicates content development and
delivery strategies to content creators to ensure that content development meets
the needs of faculty, staff, and students and meets accessibility and Library web
site development standards.
Provides project management for user experience initiatives, defining project
components, timelines, participation and staffing requirements.
Provides reference services, and consultation and/or advice on the integration of
library resources and web-based services into the learning environment and in
support of research and teaching activities providing the Librarian first-hand
experience with users and direct observation of barriers and needs.
Communication, Outreach and Collaboration 30%
Works in collaboration with the Senior Communications Officer and the Library’s
External Communications cross-functional working group, develops effective
communications, public relations, and marketing for D&A services, programs and
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