64  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
All library staff, but primarily to Public Services Steering Committee, Virtual Access Committee, Web Program Director,
Library Planning Council, and the Administrative Committee. Results were also shared with Library Board and Library
Student Resource Group.
Brief results will be shared through the project website.
Following any big project we hold an open presentation for staff to discuss findings. We also put our final reports on our
website. For this particular project, the group that conducted the work reports to a high level committee so results are
also shared with that group.
Information has been shared broadly throughout the university and with governing board.
Internally and only with other librarians at a conference and in a published paper.
Libraries website - news feed e-mail to Faculty of Social Science primary users, Western Libraries staff, and university
administration. Attended Department of Geography Faculty Council for presentation to answer questions.
Library administrators, Collections Associate University Librarian, Library Advisory Board, Library/Archives staff.
Plans are underway to share the information via our website and Facebook site.
Presentations at conferences (Virginia Library Association, Library Assessment Conference) and library staff meetings.
Reports to library administration. Report to Information Technology and Communication division. Report to students
who participated in project. Article in student daily newspaper.
Presentations to staff will be the major method.
Presentations will be made to Provost and Deans, faculty senate, student government groups, and departmental faculty.
Public posted results on web, held several forums.
Reports available internally via Sakai site; presentations to internal and advisory groups; included in annual reports,
reports on improvements, and other administrative reports; news items.
Results are communicated to staff through public meetings and the staff intranet. Results are analyzed within each
broad department area.
Results have gone to administration. Thereafter, they will be e-mailed to our web office and others for whom they
may be of interest. They will likely also be discussed by our library-wide group of web editors who will be charged with
considering, and possibly making, the appropriate changes.
Results of the survey were shared with the designer of the sign and our communications director.
Results were communicated to focus group participants, to a graduate and professional student organization on
campus, and to all standing faculty via a Penn Libraries newsletter edition devoted entirely to the strategic plan and
planning process.
Results were presented at a conference. They were also shared verbally at the library’s monthly management meeting
and with the Chair of the Pediatrics Department.
Results were presented to library staff, Management Committee, the Collections and Services Directors, etc. Results
were presented at the Library Assessment Conference 2010. Results will be shared with faculty once an action plan has
been developed.
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