SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  21
suddenly tell staff “Ok, today we have a new user experience” and expect everyone to jump on the bandwagon. I hope
in your study you will communicate that making this transition to a UX culture takes time and staff have to be ready to
move forward because they believe in it, not because an administrator says we need a new UX or because we created
a UX librarian position. My goal has been to start slow and more carefully, seeking to build staff support along the way.
Part of that is retreats, meetings, videos, sharing news, interactive projects in which everyone can participate, etc., all
designed to create awareness and an interest in the importance of having a well designed library experience.
Cafe Gelman, Ear Plugs for Reading Days, student orientation sessions, Student Advisory Group to work with library and
university staff on planning Gelman Library’s 1st floor renovation.
Comprehensive usability testing of the website is likely. Advisory groups will continue to meet. Other activities are not
yet specified, but likely.
Continuation of activities outlined above with the addition of focus groups around the implementation of strategic
planning initiatives.
Currently reviewing how students wish to access reference service. Looking at putting in place a resource discovery layer
to assist users in accessing information resources. Installing a “suggestion box.” Establish a customer service committee.
Our assessment program has been in a rebuilding phase. Hope to return to ongoing program of activities in the future,
but most will still be project-based.
Our metadata and collections units are developing a User Experience Team to develop usability assessment and
evaluation tools as well as run focus groups with various campus groups (students and faculty) to better understand
user needs and information seeking behaviours as discovery systems and collections continue to be amalgamated,
redesigned, and/or acquired.
Strategic planning, website usability, and OPAC usability testing.
Usability and Undergraduate Research Refresher projects.
We are implementing a new strategic plan over the next 3 to 6 months, which will include metrics.
We plan an observational study of our library spaces in the spring of 2011, and an ethnographic study of how scholarly
methods are changing due to new technologies and formats, also in spring 2011.
We plan to complete our biennial in-building survey, and others as may arise.
We will be conducting LibQUAL+® in 2012 as well as focused surveys in the college and departmental libraries and our
annual Info Commons survey.
We will be starting a summer study of how researchers do their scholarly work, with a special emphasis on data
management needs.
We will be validating a redesign of our periodicals room with students. We are also doing LibQUAL+®.
If you answered “Yes” to either question above, please complete the survey. If you answered “No”
to both questions, please jump to the Other Outreach Activities section.
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