SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  69
Development of a new product, with major modifications in the iterations as a result of users’ suggestions.
New design.
Not sure at this time.
Partial: we weren’t able to make all changes because the project is not finished.
Since this is an ongoing endeavor, we have used the information for a complete redesign, but currently, we are using the
information for minor modifications.
The changes we make may seem minor, but they help to create a more user-friendly environment in the learning
commons where student feedback is taken into account as we develop our communication strategies.
This was an entirely new design.
User Groups and Advisory Boards
28. Does your library consult with any user groups or advisory boards (such as the Student Government
Association, campus academic departments, community organizations, a Student Advisory Board,
Faculty Senate Committee on Libraries, or Community Advisory Group) to design, conduct, or
analyze user experience assessment activities, or to recommend or implement design changes?
Yes 56 81%
No 13 19%
If yes, please identify up to three groups that consult with the library on the user experience and
briefly describe the composition of the group, the role it plays, and representative outcomes
achieved through the library’s engagement with the group.
Group 1 N=53
Name of group Composition Role(s) Outcome(s)
Advisory Committee on Library
Policy (ACLP)
Faculty, university and library
administrators, current
Meets occasionally to hear
reports and updates about the
library, and provides advice
on policy questions under
ACLP advice has occasionally
affected library programs,
priorities, and budget issues.
Chapman Learning Commons
Student Advisory Committee
Students, library staff.
Students include student
senators, reps from student
societies, and students at
Provide feedback on
programs, services, and
A valuable asset to the
library in soliciting and
receiving feedback to improve
programs, services, spaces.
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