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Library Student Resource Group
Library Student Resource Group
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Library Student Resource Group
The Library Student Resource Group (LSRG) serves as a formal channel of communication between students and the Library Administration. The
LSRG discusses matters related to all the University libraries—Crerar, D’Angelo Law, Eckhart, Mansueto, Regenstein, and SSA—including
feedback about collections, access, services, and present and future needs of the student community. The LSRG also assists in making specific
recommendations to improve the Library and considers proposals for future changes in services. Finally, members of the LSRG discuss how the
Library can most effectively communicate its resources, services and plans with students, and conversely, how students can most effectively
communicate their wishes, needs and concerns to the Library.
The student representation in the LSRG consists of students from the College, Divisions, and the Professional Schools, who represent their
respective areas. The LSRG also includes several Library staff, including the Library Director.
The Council meets approximately 2 times per quarter, with the year’s dates selected at the first meeting. Students are appointed to the LSRG by
Deans of Students, working with the Office of the Vice President and Dean of Students in the University, and serve a 2-year term.
From the College, the Divisions, and the Professional Schools:
Joey Brown, College
Allison Demes, College
Samantha Lee, College
Rachel Miller, College
Julia Sizek, College
Nicholas Stock, College
Mark Opal, Biological Sciences Division
Joshua Grochow, Physical Sciences Division
Ben Merriman, Social Sciences Division
Chris Dunlap, Social Sciences Division
Rick Moore, Social Sciences Division
Peter Erickson, Humanities Division
Nick Tarasen, Law School
Kelly Ledbetter, Pritzker School of Medicine
From the Library:
Judith Nadler, Library Director, chair
Jim Vaughan, Assistant Director for Access and Facilities
Rachel Rosenberg, Communications Director
John Kimbrough, Assistant to the Library Director, secretary
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May 11, 2010: agenda | notes
April 14, 2010: agenda | notes
February 17, 2010: agenda | notes
January 20, 2010: agenda | notes
November 20, 2009: agenda | notes
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