SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience ·  187
University of Guelph
User Experience Librarian
University of Guelph Library
Position Description
June 11, 2009
Position Level: Librarian (Any Rank)
Incumbent: TBD
Position Title: User Experience Librarian
Scope and Accountability:
Working collaboratively in a team-based environment and reporting to the Head,
Discovery & Access, the User Experience Librarian leads the exploration into user
behaviours, expectations, and needs in evolving academic, technological and
information environments, and, assesses the impact of user services (technology-based
and in-person) on Library users. He or she employs user experience principles* when
conducting analyses and assessments and participating in the design and development
of new user services to ensure initiatives focus on user success and enhancing the user
experience. He or she works collaboratively with the other strategic teams and the
Evaluation & Assessment cross-functional team to understand the user experience and
improve user success and productivity.
Working within Discovery & Access, the User Experience Librarian works collaboratively
with the Design, Help, and Operations work teams to improve the user’s library
experience by studying users’ behaviours and needs, and by exploring new and different
technologies, service models, and techniques for the provision of library services in
collaboration with the Library’s strategic teams. He or she works directly and
collaboratively with the Web Development Librarian to ensure that website and user
interface design considers a holistic suite of measures to create useful, usable,
desirable, findable, accessible, credible, and valuable user experiences*.
The User Experience Librarian participates on the Evaluation and Assessment cross-
functional team which provides guidance, consultation, and coordination or oversight for
the Library’s evaluation and assessment activities.
The Librarian works within the terms and conditions of employment as governed by the
“Collective Agreement between the University of Guelph and the University of Guelph
Faculty Association.” All Librarians are expected to engage in: professional practice;
scholarship, which includes research, study, professional development and scholarly
and creative activities; and, University service and academic or professional service.
*note: the time spent on specific work activities will reflect unit and Library goals and be
jointly determined by the Librarian and his/her manager
Evaluation, Assessment and Current Awareness 35%
Evaluation and assessment of the total user experience using a variety of
sources, including usability tests, surveys (e.g. LibQual, NSSE), usage statistics,
focus groups, and constructive feedback from help desks, other service areas
and programs, and directly from users.
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