SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  77
Name of group Composition Role(s) Outcome(s)
Library Board Representative group of
Advise library on faculty needs
and communicate information
about library to other faculty
Approved changes to policies
(e.g., privacy, fees), advised
on budget reduction, and
supported participation in
Google digitization initiative.
Library Faculty Advisory Board 20–25 faculty representing
every college. Representatives
from the library include the
User Engagement Librarian,
the Library Dean, the
Associate Deans, the head
of the Faculty Engagement
Department, and the head of
the Scholarly Publishing and
Digital Services Department.
The faculty advisory board
focuses primarily on the
collection (especially the
journal collection) and services
that faculty tend to utilize
most frequently, such as
ILL and document delivery
processes. The board serves
as an advocate on behalf of
the library to the Provost and
other institute administrators.
Due in part to the faculty
advisory board’s efforts,
the library received special
one-time funding from the
Provost to purchase a large
collection of critical science
and technology journals.
Library Student Advisory
Student representatives from
the various schools
To provide suggestions for
initiatives; to provide feedback
for ongoing development.
Information is shared with
various UX staff to implement
or investigate further.
Library Student Advisory
Student library employees Study library facilities,
processes and services and
make proposals to the library
Study area in library with
piped-in music and other
MBA Marketing Team
Composition - Relates to
Activity 1
6 teams Assessed undergrad
experience in Libraries;
interviewed approximately
1,000 students.
Told us we needed to change
our spaces; key driver in
Medical Student Association 8 students (2 from each class) To advise the College of
Medicine Dean, Sr. Associate
Dean, Health Sciences Library
(HSL) Director on student-
related matters.
24/7 computer lab space was
created for medical students
as a result of this group
seeing the need and working
with the College of Medicine
administration and the HSL
Director to implement.
Office of Research Ethics See: http://iris.uwaterloo.ca/
Ensure that assessment
projects comply with ethics
Ethics approval.
One-on-one meetings on ad
hoc basis
Dean/Associate Deans of
colleges/student groups
To determine how the library
can better serve college needs.
Advice and direction.
Planning and Institutional
Research, University
Senior Planning analysts Advising assessment librarian
on protocols, policies,
methodology; partner in
conducting LibQUAL+® and
other surveys.
Preparation and
implementation of effective
survey methodologies and
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