80  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
Name of group Composition Role(s) Outcome(s)
Faculty [Senate] Council on
University Libraries
Elected faculty members
(voting), representatives from
student and staff groups (ex-
Policy issues related to
collection development;
services; space needs; and
budgetary requirements.
Input, support, and advocacy.
Faculty Liaisons At least one faculty
representative from each
degree-granting academic
Inform librarians about
departments’ needs
and participate in the
development/review of library
Recommendations drive
decisions regarding
new purchases, journal
cancellations, and service
Faculty Senate Committee on
Faculty elected or appointed,
university administration,
university librarian
Advocacy for the library,
to keep faculty informed
of developments in library
services, budgets, etc.
Improved relations between
the library and the faculty,
support for additional funds
and/or to halt reductions.
Focus Groups of faculty and
Selected based on assessment
Advisory Opening the Libraries Info
Commons, coffee shops, and
Undergraduate Virtual Library.
Georgia Tech Student Media Student Radio Station; Literary
Arts Magazine; Student
Newspaper; Student Research
The library collaborates
with WREK on a weekly
library radio show (“Lost in
the Stacks”). In addition,
the library supports the
undergraduate research
journal (“The Tower”), and
also partners with “Erato”
the student literary/arts
journal. Through formal and
informal contacts, library staff
often receive feedback from
these students regarding
library facilities, services and
The library radio show
has allowed the library to
simultaneously market the
program to a wider student
and non-student audience.
The partnerships with the
undergraduate research
journal and the student
literary/arts journal have
positioned the library as
being strong supporters of
both the science/technology
focus of the Institute, as well
as the arts and humanities at
Georgia Tech.
Graduate and Professional
Student Council
Representatives of the
graduate and professional
school student body
Offer ideas and opinions
on projects or changes the
library is considering. Suggest
changes based on their
Library creating Responsible
Conduct of Research Forums,
which all graduate and
professional school students
must attend as part of
graduation requirement.
Investigating possibility of
dedicated graduate student
space in library.
Graduate and Professional
Student Organization
Graduate Students Sounding board, advisory,
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