SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  49
The results of the assessment are communicated to the most senior levels of the university administration via the
library’s annual report.
The results were shared with all library staff via our internal website and via e-mail. The results were also shared with
the Campus Renovation Committee and the University Committee on Libraries. We also shared the results of the white
board comments with students on our large screen monitor display.
The survey results were shared with the Dean and University Librarian, the library staff, the Provost, the funding/
governing board, library users and planners in the University Architect’s Office. Communication methods varied and
were targeted to the audience. We prepared both PowerPoints and summary documents. We had open forum meetings
with a presentation and a question and answer segment. At times, only specific data was shared with an individual that
was relevant to the topic at hand.
The University Librarian will present the Faculty Library Survey Report to the Provost. After that the report will be
distributed to deans, faculty, and library staff. Customized reports will be disseminated as appropriate. All dissemination
will be electronic.
Through the design program, press releases, and tours with campus administration, we shared the outcomes and the
student input with the entire campus in some form or another.
To user community on our website, through faculty advisory committee, through subject liaisons, to Provost, Chancellor
and other deans personally.
We did get IRB approval for this study, but the results were only shared internally with the librarians that work in the
new space, the head of reference, and the executive team of the library.
We gave a presentation to staff to share results and discuss findings. Next we will post our final report to our public
website and shared via the staff intranet. We’ll also be holding a series of discussions with staff who are interested in
continuing this work and/or incorporating it into another research project.
We have shared the results with Lindsey+Asp as they prepare a PR campaign for us.
We presented the results of both studies to the library community at large. The data and presentations are posted on
our library website.
We shared the results with the Provost and incorporated our findings into a larger self-study written for a task force
examining potential cost savings due to anticipated budget cuts.
While this project was not really an assessment, we are sharing our work with the library staff and administration. We
report on it at all-staff meetings and we recently started a blog where we are sharing ideas and information about the
library experience.
Design Changes
16. Please briefly describe any design changes that have been/will be made based on this user
experience activity. N=63
A few minor enhancements will be incorporated into our website design but most of the more complex findings/
recommendations will be incorporated into our next large-scale redesign. Many librarians who do instruction reported
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