SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  71
Name of group Composition Role(s) Outcome(s)
Graduate and Professional
Student Library Advisory
Graduate and professional
Advisory on library services
and policies, including
proposed changes.
Input, reaction, discussion,
Graduate and Professional
Students Council
Five elected officers, elected
representatives from all
University of Arizona colleges,
and two support staff
In relation to the library,
GPSC advises us on the needs
of graduate students and
priorities for use of the student
Support for increases in
student library fee (which is
bundled with the campus
IT fee) and identification of
priorities for its use.
Indiana University
Bloomington Faculty Council
Library Committee
Faculty Advisory, advocate, evaluator Ongoing
Institutional Review Board Faculty from various disciplines
across campus
To ensure human subjects
are “treated with dignity,
adequately protected from
risk and harm, and voluntarily
give informed consent to
participate in research.”
Approval to proceed with
research projects.
Libraries Committee Representatives of academic
faculty and staff from diverse
To provide suggestions for
initiatives; to provide feedback
for ongoing development.
Information is shared with
various UX staff to implement
or investigate further.
Library Advisory Board Alumni, donors, members of
the community
Advisory council to the Kelvin
Smith Library
Library Affairs Advisory
Faculty, students,
To advise the Dean.
Library Policy Advisory
Faculty members elected by
the Faculty Senate
Advice on surveys, focus
group, testers.
Faculty view and input on
library matters. Improved
services to faculty and
graduate students.
Library Student Advisory Board 30–40 undergraduate
students and 2–4 graduate
students, OIT staff
representative, Library Dean,
head of Public Services, User
Experience team, Circulation
To provide ideas and
suggestions for both short-
term and strategic changes
to the library collections,
facilities, operations, and
Ideas suggested by students
on the advisory board often
become reality over time.
Furthermore, their input can
be communicated directly
to the library administration
(head of Public Services
and Library Dean) at Board
Library Student Advisory
Students of all classifications Advise the library on policies,
procedures, and planning.
Ideas integrated into strategic
planning as well as into our
foundation work.
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