68  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
librarians have embarked on similar surveys of their assigned departments and have discovered new methodologies to
uncover interesting findings.
The overall concept for the redesigned website was directly influenced by usability testing as were many, many smaller
design decisions.
The project is the first phase of a full library website redesign. We expect it to impact our information architecture,
navigation menus, preferred language, site features (e.g., gateways), and sub-site creation.
The study is not analyzed enough to determine findings and recommendations or to receive approval for
The website had a complete redesign to make it more accessible, up-to-date, and responsive to user needs. Continued
review and formal usability testing to be held this spring will further improve the website.
There were major modifications to the layout of the floor. Many outlets were added, seating was replaced, new tables
with different configurations were added, space was reallocated, and we acquired a fish tank.
These surveys served as a catalyst for deeper assessment activities and, ultimately, also contributed to the library’s
recent technology upgrades and facilities improvements.
We are looking at addressing three aspects of journal services in response to the data: outreach, interface design,
collection development.
We are making immediate short-term simple fixes as well as developing in the long-term a completely new website
based on our findings.
We have increased the number and variety of equipment that we provide for check out by library users. We have
increased the number of group study rooms. We have added carrels that graduate students can “check out” for short-
term use. We have added presentation practice rooms and equipment.
We received further justification for a graduate study room and a better understanding of the type of space and services
that should be included. PhD focus groups will assist in the creation of services targeted at PhD students.
We redesigned the website and have since made minor modifications based on feedback.
We will decide which branch to close and ways to mitigate the closure on the most effected users.
27. How would you characterize the impact of these changes on the user experience? N=44
Major modification(s) to the existing design 17 39%
Minor modification(s) to the existing design 11 25%
Complete redesign 8 18%
Other 8 18%
Please describe other impact.
Depending on the issue, some major changes and some minor.
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