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No one particular individual who has primary responsibility for coordinating user experience activities.
No one position.
No single position has primary responsibility. In our current organization, the three Associate Vice-Provosts with
responsibility for Collections, Learning, and Research Support respectively work collaboratively to coordinate user
experience activities. All report to the Vice Provost (Libraries and Cultural Resources and University Librarian).
No such position. We have decentralized with departments and committees responsible for assessment in areas related
to their activities. If we want to undertake a library assessment, we use a committee but that committee is currently
There is no position.
There is no single individual responsible for coordinating user experience activities. This responsibility is distributed
among several individuals.
There is not one individual with the primary responsibility for coordinating user experience activities.
There is not one person; it’s done on a one-time basis. We have an assessment committee with rotating membership.
We do have someone with the title, “Website Architect and User Experience Analyst” who is responsible for UX in the
web environment. Reports to AUL for IT.
We do not have a specific position devoted to “user experience,” however, we do have a committee called the “User
Feedback and Assessment Committee” that helps with training and support for user experience assessment.
6. In the matrix below, please indicate which staff in your library participate in assessment and
design/implementation of the user experience. Check all that apply. N=70
N Assessment Design/Implementation
Individual staff from various departments depending on
the need at the time
66 64 65
An ad hoc task force or committee 45 43 41
Staff in another department in the library 40 38 39
A standing committee 40 37 34
Assessment librarian 35 34 24
Outside consultant 18 12 13
User Experience librarian 17 16 16
Staff in an autonomous User Experience department in
the library
10 9 10
Other individual(s) or group(s) 13 12 12
Please specify the other individual(s) or group(s) and briefly describe their role in user experience
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