72  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
Name of group Composition Role(s) Outcome(s)
Library Student Resource
Representative group of
students from college,
graduate programs, and
professional schools
Advise library on user needs
and communicate information
about library to peers.
Provided input on survey,
recommended changes to
library renewal policies, etc.
Rutgers University Libraries
Advisory Committee
Teaching faculty and
administrators from student
life, university press, and
continuous education
“...to provide advice to
the University Librarian to
ensure that the programs,
services, and collections of
the University Libraries meet
the research, instruction,
and service priorities of the
Information sharing and
Senate Committee on Libraries Faculty and students Advisory Supported recommended
Senate Library Committee 12 faculty and professional
staff and 4 students
Advisory/consultative Provide recommendations to
the University Senate.
Student Advisory Board Students, both undergraduate
and graduate
Advisory on a variety of library
Improved services and user
Student Advisory Board Open to any interested student Provide input on programs
and services.
Gives students a voice; they
have provided valuable
perspectives on priorities
related to technology and
Student Advisory Board Students from various colleges Provides student input on
services, resources, facilities.
Varies depending on input.
Student Advisory Board
(undergraduate) - Relates to
Activity 1
Approximately 9 students Evaluation furniture, design Affirmed that we are moving
in the right direction.
Student Advisory Committee Undergraduate and graduate
Advisory Hours changed; furniture
changed; vending machines
Student Advisory Group Students and library staff Student-driven library concerns
are raised.
Hopefully, changes made.
Student Government The Dean communicates with
this group.
Student Government
Association (SGA)
Comprised of elected
representatives, SGA is the
official representative group
of all undergraduate students
attending UC.
Partnered with the Libraries
and UC IT to secure funding
for a 24/7 space in the library.
24/7 study/computer space
created in the library along
with a quiet study area.
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