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The UX Department primarily focuses on UX for the online library presence but also advises in many of the public
services department projects.
We do not have a formal assessment program so user experience is done with ad hoc teams by staff who have an
interest in, and experience with, assessment.
We employ some activities to acquire data for decision-making purposes, but we also employ some activities as more
general listening devices.
We have a three-member user experience team whose role and scope is still being defined. We also have an
Assessment & Evaluation team, and one member of the UX team sits on it. At present, it seems the UX team is involved
in qualitative research and A&E is more concerned with quantitative research.
We have system stats to help determine the use of existing systems, but we rely on user experience to assess planned
and recent system changes, and to help with creation of future services and spaces.
Western Libraries participates in large scale projects such as LibQUAL+® to identify where users have concerns, and
then works towards improving service/resources as identified by respondents. In some cases we engage in further
user-centered assessment to gain a better understanding of the user experience as we work towards solutions. We also
consult and check back through various means with users to ensure we are addressing identified problems. Assessment
is included in all roles within the libraries and assessment involving users may be conducted by individuals or groups
of staff across the libraries, e.g., web usability is addressed by the Web Services Librarian and the committee he leads
whereas other assessment may be carried out by library directors and staff regarding local issues/problems, and the
teaching/liaising librarians gather feedback for improved research support. In all cases, users are a part of assessment
and the user voice is heard.
User Experience Staff
This section examines how your library deploys staff to assess and design the user experience.
Some libraries have created specific positions and departments to lead these efforts. Other
libraries perform these tasks with staff who have multiple job responsibilities in addition to user
4. What is the position title of the individual in your library who has primary responsibility for
coordinating user experience activities? N=68
5. What is the position title of the manager to whom this person reports? N=65
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