SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  65
Results were shared with the library staff and the University Committee on Libraries.
Results will be communicated back to the departments and up to the Provost. There will likely be a campus newspaper
article on the results.
Results will be communicated through professional presentation and/or publication, as well as through presentation to
campus student advisory group.
Results will be shared with the university administration.
Select comments shared with advisory boards.
Students involved in the website assessment through their class assignment produce a report of the results, which is
shared with future classes.
Study is not fully analyzed yet, but the Library Administrative Council will receive both a written and oral report. A briefer
report will be presented in the library’s Town Meeting. The study will be posted on the library intranet for any library
employee to examine.
The Graduate School will receive a report on what we find are the biggest needs for PhD students.
The library website is being redesigned by The Office of Information Services & Technology and Creative Services. The
library has communicated the results of the focus groups and usability testing to these groups.
The Penn State community through our Newswire, social media, Libraries’ internal newsletter Interview.
The report was widely distributed to the campus through various media outlets following presentation to the Deans of
the Libraries and College, Director of the Hall Center, and the Provost.
The resulting information is shared with the university administration (president and provost), the Library Cabinet
(administrative group), and with specific teams affected and with all library staff. Memos (e-mail), written reports, and
in-person communication are used with the university administration. In-person reports from the Dean are made to
Library Cabinet and team leaders of targeted teams. E-mail and reports at all staff meetings are used to inform all library
The results were published on an open website, as is our practice for all usability tests. We also sometimes speak at
conferences and publish papers about our results.
The results were shared with the library facility manager.
The results will be shared in a journal of library and information science.
Varied by audience: direct contact, articles in library publications (internal and external), and presentations at
We have reported on LSAG activities on a semi-annual basis at the Library Council, and in the online faculty newsletter.
We have reported on LSAG in the Libraries’ Annual Report.
We shared this data with the Dean and University Librarian, our library staff, and the Provost. The data helps us to
better understand our users, their needs, and to inform changes to our services and facilities. Communication methods
varied and were targeted to the audience. Summary documents were shared. At times only specific data was shared
with an individual that was relevant to the topic at hand.
We will share the results when the competition is completed.
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