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Please describe other impact.
It could be major, but there are some contingencies that will affect the outcome.
More of a mix. Some of the findings still need to be fleshed out more with other studies. Some problems witnessed are
too big for any single change to solve, some are pretty quick fixes.
Most of the time we will make modifications, but often we design and test as we go along.
Project began as a complete redesign of the online catalog’s user interface. We continue to make modifications based
on continuing user feedback, usability studies, and a list of redesign projects that could not be completed before the
initial launch of the new interface.
Selected issues that surfaced in the survey and focus groups that could be attended to without additional funding were
addressed. However, the original purpose of the activity was to collect data to be used in creating a Research Commons.
The immediate impact is visible in the redesigned/renovated user spaces. Some of the longer-term projects have not
been assessed yet because the data gathering is underway now.
This was a new space, so it was great to start from a user-centered services point. As the space develops, we will want
to do additional focus groups over time, to make sure that we are still making the mark.
Too early for specifics.
Unknown at this point in time, but we are hopeful we will see improvements.
We are in the process of making decisions based on the feedback collected. The purpose was not to redesign a specific
website or service desk, but was to help inform future decisions about library support for the sciences generally.
While we don’t have specific examples, LibQUAL+® and ClimateQUAL® have changed the mindset of upper
management to be cognizant of how the current environment is negatively impacting the user experience.
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