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Ethnographic study Digital Scholarship at MIT
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Ethnographic study - Digital Scholarship
at MIT
Digital Scholarship at MIT
Team: Nicole, Remlee, Stephanie, Lisa H; Michelle Baildon, Anne Graham, Kate McNeill
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Digital Scholarship at MIT:
a study of how new technologies and formats are changing how MIT scholars find and use information
The MIT Libraries User Needs group studies the needs of the MIT community in order to inform the future of
library services for MIT. In the Spring of 2011 we propose to study how new technologies and formats are having
an impact on how MIT scholars find, use, and share information for their study, research, and publishing. This will
help inform our work related to the following strategic directions:
Create the Next Generation Research Library Organization
Build and Strengthen Relationships with Faculty, Students, and the MIT Community
Advocacy for Information Policy
Improve Infrastructure for Content Management and Delivery
Transform Library Space
We will use an ethnographic method known as a "cultural probe." Volunteers from the MIT community will be
asked to record their own research behavior over the course of a one-week period using their own digital camera
and taking notes in any format they wish. The photos and notes will be used to help each person tell their story
in detail during in-depth interviews (1.5 hours).
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User needs study planning - Spring 2011
Ethnographic study - Digital Scholarship at MIT
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