SPEC Kit 322: Library User Experience  ·  29
Position Title Reports to Comments
Associate University Librarian,
Information Services
This position has oversight for the
reference department, branch libraries,
circulation department, and the map and
sound and moving image libraries.
AUL for Public Services University Librarian
AUL for Research and Instructional
Dean of the Library At this time we are not really giving any
one staff member primary responsibility
for this although the AUL is working to
lead the effort. The goal is to engage as
many public service staff as possible and
have them believing that they all (each
one) are responsible for UX activity. At
different times, different staff, be they
department heads, access service clerks
or reference librarians, can be leading
some part of the activity.
Coordinator, Information Literacy and
Director of Libraries The title is fluid, as we are in the process
of reorganizing. After the reorganization,
this position will report to the newly
created Head of Discovery and Delivery
Coordinator of Training and Assessment Associate Dean of Libraries for Finance,
Administration, and Human Resources
This is a new position (began November
Decision Support Analyst (DSA) Associate University Librarian for User
Development, Assessment, and
Marketing Librarian
Associate University Librarian (Access)
Director of Access, Information, and
Research Services
Deputy University Librarian
Director of Anthropological Research Vice Provost and Dean of the Libraries
Director of Assessment Associate University Librarian,
Organizational Development
Director of Assessment Associate University Librarian for Public
Director of Education and Volunteer
Director of Museum Programs The Director of Museum Programs
currently reports to the Assistant Archivist
with oversight of all archival related
programs in the Washington, DC area.
Director of Planning Assessment and
Organizational Effectiveness
Dean of University Libraries This is a newly recreated position. We’re
still exploring the scope and scale of
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