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- What kinds of data and formats did you use? (NOTE: only mention examples if they don't know what you
(i.e., GIS, bioinformatics, social science data sets, textual data, music recordings, images, videos, ebooks,
- Describe any difficulties you had with specific formats.
- What kinds of equipment did you use? (NOTE: only mention examples if they don't know what you mean)
(i.e., laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, cameras, GPS devices, other)
- Describe any difficulties you had with specific equipment.
- Did you work as an individual, in a group, or both? Tell us about what you do individually vs. what you do in
group settings.
- Did you collaborate with remote colleagues? What are some pain points when it comes to collaborating
remotely? What works well?
- What were some typical or common pain points in your process?
Change compared to the past:
- How did you do that task differently five years ago? What has become easier and what is still difficult?
- Describe some things that could make this task easier.
Specific tools used:
- How do you save your information, both for the short-term and the longer-term? What happens to your
information when the class or research project is over?
- Did you use any academic social research tools, or any general social social tools (in relation to your academic
(i.e., academic: such as Mendeley, Cognet, Archnet, ArXiv, Lablife, Zotero; general social: Facebook or Twitter)
Where & when:
- Where did you do your work? Tell us the specifics of each place that you worked in.
(i.e., an on-campus office, dorm room, coffee shop, library, home or traveling (list city, state, country), plane,
train, other.)
- What were some particular qualities of those places that made your work easy or made your work difficult?
- What time of day did you do this work? Are there particular times of day that you prefer for different activities?
(i.e. studying, meetings, research, solitude, thinking, writing, group work)
Getting help:
- Did you ask for or receive help from anyone during the process? Who? What do you consider when deciding
whether and who to ask for help?
- What kinds of considerations about copyright, fair use, or open access impacted your work during this time?
- If you have published something recently, tell us about your process. What were the pain points? What would
make the process easier for you?
Wrap-up questions:
- (If they haven't mentioned library use yet): Did you use any library services? If so, which ones? How did you
find out about them?
- How is your studying or research changing because of new technologies?
- What are the top few things that would make your academic work easier?
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