56  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
Brief survey distributed annually about specialized library services provided by one of our libraries.
Card sort analysis of library research and subject guides. RIOT- Information Literacy Tutorial.
Comparative, task-based usability study of current library website and revision prototypes.
Customer Satisfaction Survey continuously available on our website.
Facilities: observational studies were conducted to see how students currently use spaces. Results of study were
combined with service-related metrics to determine what new furniture to purchase.
Faculty Journal Study: This was an in-depth analysis of LibQUAL+® data from across years and ARL institutions, to
better understand faculty perceptions of journal collections. Individual phone interviews were also conducted with
faculty on campus to gather more information about journal use and satisfaction with collections.
Graduate student focus groups.
“How do you love us?” Valentine’s Day Raffle.
In 2002 and 2006, the UIC University Library participated in the LibQUAL+® Total Service Quality survey. In addition
to providing comparable assessment information from peer institutions, the LibQUAL+® surveys compiled UIC library
patron feedback on service quality. The surveys highlighted a need for greater access to technology and overall
improvements to library facilities.
In progress. Study of graduate student needs to assist in creation of a general graduate study area as well as services
targeted specifically at PhD students.
In the fall of 2009, we conducted usability tests of our new homepage and two newly redesigned websites, one about
scholarly publishing and the other a new site for the Rotch Library of Architecture & Planning.
In the spring of 2009, the Penn Libraries began a new strategic planning effort. As part of an extensive environmental
scan and information-gathering phase, we hired a consultant to facilitate a series of focus groups with university faculty
and graduate students across disciplines. These focus groups were designed to examine their conceptions of “the
library”; to explore their work habits and teaching, research, and study behaviors; and probe their attitudes towards
training in information and technology proficiency.
LibQUAL+® survey will be administered this semester.
LibQUAL+® survey.
Re-architecting of Libraries web presence.
Redesigned the entry floor of the undergraduate library to encourage usage of student’s own laptops as we planned to
remove most of the library’s public computers.
Setting up of a Library Student Advisory Group (LSAG) in 2009.
Student competition to redesign the main floor of the library and to make suggestions about the layout and use of
services on other floors as well.
Student Information Seeking Behaviors study including faculty interviews and website evaluation.
Survey of all instruction activity conducted throughout organization.
Survey happens every two years. In 2009, the survey was done March 30 through April 5th. The survey was distributed
to patrons entering the building at selected hours each day during the week.
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