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The Dean of Libraries and selected team leaders regularly meet with the officers and library advisory boards Associated
Students of the University of Arizona (primarily undergraduate) and the Graduate and Professional Students Council.
They are provided with information about LibQUAL+® results and other student needs assessment activities that have
identified areas of high importance or dissatisfaction along with some possible changes in or additions to the library’s
services. The students give feedback, identify additional services or resources that they think are needed, and together
the group identifies priorities for use of the income from student fee and priorities for implementation if the fee is
The Info Commons @ Langsam Survey is an annual survey conducted since 2002 during a one-week period in spring
quarter. The purpose of the survey is to get more information about our users, how they use our libraries and our
resources, and their satisfaction with our service.
The Libraries sought to increase the accessibility and findability of its collection through the use of a new discovery
interface tool.
The library engaged in many assessments around the creation of a new catalog interface.
The library website user needs project aims to collect information on the current usability of our website navigation,
terminology, and content in order to improve it. It also aims to collect information on user needs, user preferences, and
user terminology to plan for new user requirements, new information architecture, and new navigation.
To create an entry point to library resources for every course on campus, to tailor the content of each course as much as
possible, and to provide a scalable and sustainable system to deliver this content to students.
University Archives and Rare Books & Special Collections Survey. The survey examined user satisfaction in these two
branches with four services: facilities, staff services, website, and finding aids, in addition to gathering information
on general usage and user demographics. Anyone who had used the services in the past was invited to complete the
Usability studies of the library’s website.
Usability testing.
Usability testing of library website to facilitate redesign. Tested several times over the course of the project.
Usability testing of new website.
We are currently assessing library branch usage and needs for a particular clientele group.
We are renovating a large space in O’Neill Library and also in the process are rethinking how and what service should
happen at a single service point. Eventually, I think this desk will be seen as a starting point for all campus services.
We asked the student advisory board to divide into small groups and use Flip cameras to identify areas around the
library that needed improvement. The groups were assigned various floors and asked to both film and narrate what
improvements needed to be made.
We conducted a poll on our library’s main web page to determine what mobile devices people use for accessing the
library’s website.
We conducted a website usability study.
We have conducted several usability studies of the library’s catalog, web pages, and physical spaces.
We observe students and faculty using our website to conduct several common tasks.
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