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Usability in the Library
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Usability in the Library
About this Site
This website is sponsored by the University of Michigan University Library's Usability
Group which is a sub-committee of PARC (Public Access Resource Committee) and
ERSC (Electronic Resources Steering Committee). The usability studies represented
here have been conducted by various groups throughout the UM Libraries as well as
by the Usability Group and its predecessor the Usability Working Group. Only a select
group of reports are included here, and more will be added as they are completed.
The goal of this website is to provide open access to our reports and working
documents in order to share our findings with the University of Michigan libraries as
well as the community-at-large. We hope that sharing our findings will benefit and
inform others in their research.
Usability Group Mission Statement
The Usability Group guides and implements usability testing of the Library's web
resources and services through short-term task forces comprised of Usability Group
members, project stakeholders, and additional volunteers. This includes the Library's
locally generated web pages and DLPS (Digital Library Production Service) resources,
as well as customizable vendor supported resources, such as MetaLib (SearchTools),
Aleph (Mirlyn) and SFX. This group works with PARC and ERSC to set priorities for
usability testing shared Library web sites and services, with a focus on testing
interfaces and concepts that are broadly implemented across the Library's web
About the Members
Current Members
Suzanne Chapman (committee chair) - Interface & User Testing Specialist, Digital
Library Production Service
Shevon Desai - Social Science/Humanities Librarian, Reference Department
Hatcher Graduate Library
Kat Hagedorn - Digital Library Projects Manager, Digital Library Production Service
Julie Piacentine - Public Services Librarian, Reference Department Hatcher
Graduate Library
Ken Varnum - Web Systems Manager, Library Information Technology
Past Members
David Carter - EECS Librarian; Web & Reference Services Coordinator, Art
Architecture & Engineering Library
Mike Creech - Web Content Manager, MLibrary
Karen Downing - Foundation & Grants Librarian, Reference Department Hatcher
Usability in the Library
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